Felony Litigation

Felony convictions carry potential prison sentences in the State of Colorado. These sentences can be lengthy, including life sentences in some circumstances. Felony convictions can also carry additional consequences, including loss of gun rights, voting rights and eligibility for professional licensure. A felony conviction is usually permanent and may impact future employment, housing, and eligibility for government benefits. You need to choose a criminal defense attorney with a highly regarded reputation for successful felony litigation and defense, skillful presentation abilities, a respected rapport with judges, and experience with arguing felony criminal cases.

Ms. Tran has spent the majority of her career trying felony cases. She has had success in obtaining “Not Guilty” verdicts or outright dismissals in cases of felony domestic violence, sexual assault, attempted murder, theft, aggravated robbery, vehicular eluding, and numerous others. Ms. Tran has also had success in the appellate courts, having convictions overturned based on her records in the trial court. Ms. Tran will zealously litigate your case to protect your rights, your family and your future.

Tiffany Tran Law handles cases in the following areas:

Violent Crimes
• Assault
• Aggravated Robbery
• Arson
• Homicide

Drug Crimes
• Drug Possession
• Drug Distribution/Trafficking
• Drug Manufacturing
• Special Offender
• Prescription Fraud

Sex Crimes
• Sexual Assault
• Sexual Exploitation
• Internet Pornography
• Indecent Exposure
• Unlawful Sexual Contact

• Larceny
• Burglary
• Robbery

White Collar Crimes
• Fraud
• Embezzlement
• Forgery
• Identity Theft
• Investment Fraud
• Medicare Fraud
• Money Laundering
• Racketeering
• Securities Fraud

• Attempt to Influence a Public Servant
• Escapes
• Assault on a Peace Officer
• Introduction of Contraband
• Crimes against At-Risk Persons
• Illegal Possession of Weapons
• Motor Vehicle Theft
• Habitual Criminal Proceedings

Man arrested and handcuffed for a felony