Misdemeanor Litigation

Although misdemeanor charges do not carry the possibility of a prison term, they can have far-reaching consequences, including the loss of your freedom, right to own a weapon, and loss of future job prospects, to name a few. Misdemeanors sometimes carry registration requirements which can follow you long after your sentence has been served. Ms. Tran has handled thousands of misdemeanor cases throughout her career and has been able to obtain positive results, including “Not Guilty” verdicts, and sometimes outright dismissal in numerous cases. Ms. Tran will fight to maintain your reputation and freedom in the face of misdemeanor charges.

group of lawyers together working on a misdemeanor case

Tiffany Tran Law handles cases in the following areas:
• Domestic Violence
• Violation of a Protection Order
• Child Abuse
• Assault
• False Information to Peace Officer
• Illegal Discharge of Weapon
• Sex Crimes (Indecent Exposure, Unlawful Sexual Contact)
• Obstructing
• Resisting Arrest